Jenuarrie Figurines - Wisdom Women

jenuarrie figurines

"My work is now focussed on creating Figurines. They have many expressions that provoke thought and the imagination of what is, what was and what can be. ‘Takin' care of business’ - Community Business - Urban Business - Women’s business.
I never expected for readers to get so much enthusiasm and joy out of reading my book and that to me is very satisfying.
Expressing they were captivated in reading my journey, they got the feeling that they would totally enjoy working with clay and making pots."

The Figurines are so special. Wisdom Women throughout the world are ‘takin’ care of business’. When creating the work, I knew they would represent the power of communication just by their presence. They are a reminder of how special women are in everyones’ life.

The gentleness they display is a cloak as behind their beauty is a quiet spirit, strength of character, wisdom and empowerment that can reveal itself when important matters are to be discussed.

Both males and females relate very strongly to this work as they see a direct correlation to the strong women who have had an enormous impact on their lives. Many women find that they see a reflection of themselves in the strength of the Figurines to the strength in their own character, careers, and daily lives

For some it is the dream of belonging to a strong woman. Seeing a forever connection with that someone and keeping the bond intact.