Excerpts from the Book

jenuarrie speaking

"My artwork images and marks, reference and pay tribute in a generic way to the ancestors of the land that grew me up. Spiritual connections and the recall of passing time are evident, repeatedly surfacing in my work as a subconscious calling. What is most meaningful to me is the comfortable integration of culture, thought and design."

"My story begins at the grass root level of my journey as an artist, living in the rainforest outside Cairns in North Queensland, and is an example of such personal expectations for excellence.
I smile, as my mind takes me back to 1990. I was living with my sister, Heather Walker, as a unit of two families on a property we purchased on the only freehold land along the Barron Gorge Road. The property was situated on the road to the power station and had its claim to fame as the former barracks for the construction workers building the Barron Falls hydro power station. The buildings consisted of a large dining room with a huge commercial sized kitchen across the back."

Epilogue: Gift of Knowledge appears to have three major intentions to pass on her legacy for future generations. It is part memoir, part cultural orientation to both Australian Aboriginal and South Sea Islander history particularly in Queensland, and part instructional manual of the lost Lapita ceramic methods.
Jenuarrieā€™s story of personal growth as an Aboriginal Australian artist is one of resilience and perseverance, borne of an optimism to thrive in spirit with a strong sense of self, identity and agency, through the nourishing power of creativity.

Eve Stafford OAM