'Gift of Knowledge' - A Book of Reveal by Jenuarrie

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"Never doubt that the making of ‘Art’ is not within your capabilities."

"My book touches briefly on the origins and chronological history of the Lapita culture according to what I learned from my research and interpreted into my own creative work and story.

This belated interest in Melanesia and the Lapita pottery tradition began as inquisitiveness, not from any heartfelt yearning of a lost cultural connection to an unknown part of my heritage."

Jenuarrie takes pottery to another realm in stretching the boundaries and limitations, for exhibition purpose.

She takes you through a journey that replenished her inspiration and spirituality and gave her creative life a more meaningful purpose. With over 125 colour pages and more than 100 photos featuring history and the stunning artworks it is the ideal book for ceramic art lovers.

'Gift of Knowledge' is available for purchase for $49.90 AUD + 9.50 for postage anywhere in Australia (overseas buyers please email the author for shipping rates).

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"Barely known in her hometown, the treasured artworks of Cairns ceramist Jenuarrie have been acquired by many of Australia’s major galleries and investors around the world."

"Her work has restored traditional practises lost when Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and South Sea Islanders were forbidden from practising them while developing Queensland’s sugar, rail and pastoral industries."

Roz Pulley - The Cairns Post